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CellSafe 5 Core Biopsy Cassettes

With increasing pressure to process larger numbers of small biopsy specimens, CellSafe 5 reduces the pressure on laboratory staff by enabling them to perform five core biopsies in numbered wells, which can be sectioned together for rapid and cost effective preparation.  CellSafe 5 is a new five-well cassette developed for the simultaneous preparation of core biopsies, specifically breast and prostate – two of the most costly diagnostic samples to deal with.  Each well is numbered for identification and, when combined with a robust protocol will allow fast, accurate and cost effective preparation.

The cassette is available in two colors (white and blue) and features an integral X-ray lucent fine mesh for more efficient processing.  The blue cassette has been produced to aid contrast and visualization of white or light colored biopsies, normally experienced with breast tissue.

Packaged 100 per case.