36″ High Density Storage Cabinet For Micro-Slides & Tissue Cassettes



Designed to fit in more compact spaces. This smaller version of our High Density cabinet features the same full suspension drawers with 400 lb. load capacity as the larger cabinets.

  • Full extension allows 100% access to drawer contents.
  • Plastic tray inserts for micro-slides and tissue cassettes are interchangeable in 5″ high drawers.
  • Cabinet is beige and comes complete with central lock and one-drawer-at-a-time safety system.
  • Trays are placed horizontally in the 18″ deep drawers for easy front to back filing and retrieval of archived specimens.

Any combination of trays can be ordered to accommodate your requirements

  • Cabinet consists of one 4″ high top drawer with usable inside height of 3″. Suitable for storage of 4 tissue cassette trays, (Cat. #2-C), or filing accessories such as Slide or Tissue index Markers used during retrieval of specimens. Not suitable for storage of micro-slide trays.
  • Ten 5″ high drawers offer usable inside height of 4″. Suitable for storage of 4 micro-slide trays, (Cat. #2-MS) or 8 tissue cassette trays, (Cat. #2-C) per drawer. Tissue cassette trays are stored in two layers of 4 each.

Cabinet Storage Capacity

40 Micro-slide trays:

  • 4 trays in 10 (5″ high) drawers
  • Approx. 80,000 slides per cabinet


84 Tissue cassette trays:

  • 8 trays in 10 (5″ high) drawers
  • 4 trays in 1 (4″ high) drawer
  • Approx. 21,000 tissue cassettes per cabinet

Cabinet and plastic tray inserts are sold separately.

  • Dimensions are 36″ wide x 18″ deep x 58″ high
  • Weight is approximately 465 lbs. empty
  • FOB shipping point
  • Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery