60″ High Density Storage Cabinet For Micro-Slides & Tissue Cassettes



High Density Storage Cabinets offer a refined and contemporary look as well as a 400-lb capacity per drawer.  Easy access to archived specimens filed in LabStorage® plastic tray inserts for micro-slide and tissue cassettes. Every cabinet comes with a Lifetime Warranty on drawer rolling mechanisms and is fitted with a central lock to keep patient samples safe and 100% private.

  • Full extension drawers allow for 100% access to contents
  • Complete with central lock and one-drawer-at-a-time safety system
  • Optional forklift or recessed base stands available
  • Lateral filing of plastic tray inserts for easy retrieval of patient samples
  • Cabinets and optional base stands available in 3 colors – beige, gray or white

Any combination of trays can be ordered to accommodate your requirements.  Plastic tray inserts are sold separately and would need to be ordered in addition to the cabinet and optional base stand.

60″ wide cabinet consists of:

  • (1) 4-inch top drawer for tissue cassette trays only or filing archival accessories
  • (10) 5-inch drawers for either micro-slide or tissue cassette trays

When filing cabinet with LabStorage® Cassette Trays (#2-C), the top 4-inch drawer will accommodate a single layer of cassette trays while the 5-inch drawers will stack cassette trays in a double layer for maximum capacity.

When filing cabinet with LabStorage® Micro-Slide Trays (#2-MS), the top 4-inch drawer can be used for filing accessories such as Slide or Tissue Index Markers, while the inside useable height of 3″ is not suitable for micro-slide trays.  The 5-inch drawers will hold micro-slide trays in a single layer.

Cabinet Storage Capacity

120 Micro-slide trays:

  • 12 trays in (10) 5-inch high drawers
  • Top 4-inch high drawer is not suitable for slide trays
  • Approx. 240,000 slides per cabinet


252 Tissue cassette trays:

  • 12 trays in (1) 4-inch high drawer
  • 24 trays in (10) 5-inch high drawers (double stacked)
  • Approx. 63,000 tissue cassettes per cabinet

Recessed & Forklift Base Stands

Recessed base stand is designed to raise the height of the cabinet for a more comfortable stance closer to the cabinet.  Removeable front & back kick plates give you access to move the cabinet with a pallet jack.  Front recessed kick plate is 4″ high and 2″ deep from bottom edge of cabinet face frame.

Forklift base stand allows user to move or transport cabinet from the front or side with a forklift or from the front with a pallet jack.  Includes front & rear removeable angled cover plates.

It is not recommended to move high density storage cabinets while filled full of slides or cassettes in the drawers.  Damage may occur to tray inserts or patient samples while transporting cabinets.

Cabinet and plastic tray inserts are sold separately.

    • Cabinet dimensions are 60″ wide x 27″ deep x 58″ high
    • Optional base stands will add 4″ to height of cabinet making them 62″ high
    • Weight is approximately 821 lbs. empty
    • Special order with a lead time of 3-4 weeks for delivery

Additional information


60" wide storage cabinet, Forklift base stand for 60" cabinet, Recessed base stand for 60" cabinet


Beige, Gray, White

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