AccuThrive® Agility Microtome Blades

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The AccuThrive® Agility microtome blade is ideal for those soft-tissue specimens that require the cleanest cut for the clearest diagnosis.  The blade was designed to be agile, performing with consistency over a wide variety of soft tissue.  The Agility blade features MicroCoat® Enrichment Technology which utilizes a proprietary polymer to coat the Agility blade and provide a sharper cleaner edge.  Engineered specifically to provide uniform ribboning, reduced compression, and reduced knife lines.

  • Stainless steel, 3 facet blade
  • Blade thickness (0.012″)
  • 50 blades per dispenser

Low profile:  8mm x 80mm

High profile:  14mm x 80mm

Made in USA


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Low Profile, High Profile

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