ALL PLASTIC Single CytoSep™ Cytology Funnels for Shandon CytoSpin® Cytocentrifuge


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These are so easy to use, and improve turn-around time while giving more diagnostic information.  Being totally disposable, they eliminate time-consuming decontamination and cleaning.  They are safe to use and reduce the risk of exposure to pathogenic samples.  They also decrease the possibility of cross-contamination.

This series of CytoSep™ Cytology Funnels are single-use.  The disposable sample chambers do not need metal clips and are designed to meet any processing requirement.  They are capable of producing high quality thin-layer slide preparations while improving laboratory efficiency.

  • Sample Chambers with White Filter Card are used for sample volumes up to 0.5 ml
  • Sample Chambers with Brown Filter Cards are for sample volumes up to 0.4 ml
  • The cell deposition area is 6 mm in diameter (28 mm squared)
  • Filter cards are pre-attached
  • Excellent for scanty specimens such as CSF
  • All components also available separately.

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Sgl. Funnel with White Filter & Cap, 40/pack, Sgl. Funnel with Brown Filter & Cap, 480/cs, Sgl. Funnel only, 500/cs, Base only, 500/cs, Cap only, 500/cs, White Filter for Sgl. Funnel, 200/cs, Brown Filter for Sgl. Funnel, 200/cs