Amplate™ 384 Thin Wall PCR Plates


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Made of polypropylene

The design of the AMPLATE™ 384 is such that each well having a 40µl capacity can be used with reaction volumes from 2 to 30 µl capacity.  Only virgin polypropylene is used to manufacture this plate.  Although it has 384 wells, it can be filled using automated fluid handling systems or standard multichannel pipettors.  All wells on the plate are thin-walled to make sure that an efficient and fast heat transfer is occurring.

  • Offers more surface contact between the plate and the sealing medium, since there are no cylindrical walls extending above the plate
  • AMPLATE™ 384 is skirted to allow bar coding on sides for identification and also to make it compatible with automated fluid handling systems
  • Holes on sides allow for precise and accurate plate positioning and removal
  • Alphanumeric grid helps in locating the sample
  • Two corners of the plate are cut away to facilitate orientation

Packed in tamperproof resealable bags of 10 plates – 100 per case. (Natural color)

*Custom colors (blue, green, red, yellow) available with 10cs minimum purchase.  Call for pricing and availability.