Boekel Programmable Slide Moat


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The Boekel Programmable Slide Moat is designed for use with FISH protocols such as PNA FISH.  This compact Slide Hybridization system is capable of performing complex IHC and InSitu Hybridization reactions.  The digital microprocessor offers full programmability of up to 3 time controlled temperature set points.

  • Programmable digital controls allow you to define/control up to 3 ramp/timed segments
  • Calibration mode included so you can ensure accurate readings
  • Rapid heat up with excellent accuracy and uniformity
  • Friction hinged lid – no more trying to figure out where to put the lid when removing or placing your slides
  • Two wells for water should your protocol require humidity
  • UL, CSA and CE certifications
  • Ambient +5° C to 100° C

Applications include: In situ hybridization, slide warming/drying, Immuno-histochemistry, FISH, Histology and Hematology.

Available in 115 or 230 volt model.

Dimensions: 17″ wide x 10″ deep x 4″ high

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Programmable Slide Moat – 115V, Programmable Slide Moat – 230V