Dropette® Disposable Transfer Pipettes


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These all-in-one pipettes eliminate the hazard of broken glass and exposure to infectious materials. Put an end to matching rubber bulbs with glass pipettes.

  • Molded from see-through low density polyethylene
  • Non-Sterile
  • Inert to biological fluids and most acids
  • Can be sealed and refrigerated
  • Temperature resistant down to -196 °C
  • Can be gaz (EtO) sterilized or used in liquid nitrogen
  • Packaged 500 per box, with the exception of item #P200-82 which is packaged 400 per box

Choose between 12 very popular models.  Available in several sizes, tip designs and lengths.  See chart for additional information.

Sterile pipettes available upon request – minimum quantities apply.


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1.2ml capacity x 6.3cm (0.9ml bulb), 1.5ml capacity x 11.4cm (0.8ml bulb), 1.7ml capacity x 8.7cm (0.9ml bulb), 3ml capacity x 13.8cm (2.1ml bulb), 4ml capacity x 15.5cm (3.1ml bulb), 5ml capacity x 15cm (3.1ml bulb), 5ml capacity x 15.5cm (1.9ml bulb), 5ml capacity x 15.6cm (1.8ml bulb), 5ml capacity x 14.5cm (1.8ml bulb), 6ml capacity x 22.5cm (2.3ml bulb), 7ml capacity x 15.5cm (3.2ml bulb), 8ml capacity x 15cm (4.6ml bulb)