Endure™ Microtome Blades

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ENDURE™ Microtome Blades are suitable for use in any paraffin application. Coated with a special PTFE-like substance, it consistently provides a smooth and precise section in microtomes and cryostats. Its unique combination of durability and precision competes well against other blades, and is specifically designed to outperform the Feather® S35 & R35 and Thermo Scientific™ MX35 blades.

Standard plastic injection-molded dispensers with receptacle for used blades are packaged inside a pharmaceutical grade paper box. This type of dispenser and packaging conforms to international industry standards. The button slides across the top to dispense blade. Made in the USA.

  • Low profile (80 x 8 x 0.25mm)
  • High profile (80 x 14 x 0.30mm)
  • Triple faceted, 35° cutting edge
  • May be used on hard tissue and bone
  • Incredible longevity and performance

Packaged 50 blades per dispenser box.

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Endure Low Profile, Endure High Profile

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