General Purpose 15ml & 50ml Centrifuge Tubes


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These high quality centifuge tubes are molded from polypropylene and feature a flat-top, leak resistant blue caps. The tubes are printed with black graduation marks and have a large white writing area.

  • Sterile tubes have attached blue screwcap
  • Black printed graduations in 0.5ml increments
  • White printed writing surface
  • Spin rate: 8500 RCF
  • Autoclavable without cap
  • Available in sterile, non-sterile and racked
  • Non-sterile tubes provided with screw cap separated

Temperature Range: -10°C to +80°C


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15ml, Non-sterile & Bulk (500/case), 15ml, Sterile, 25/bag (500/case), 15ml, Sterile, 50/rack (500/case), 50ml, Non-sterile & Bulk (500/case), 50ml, Sterile, 25/bag (500/case), 50ml, Sterile, 25/rack (500/case)