HistoGel™ Specimen Medium


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Aqueous gel composition designed to encapsulate histological and cytological specimens for processing…

No matter how small, friable or viscous your histology or cytology specimen, HistoGel™ will encapsulate and retain the entire specimen during histological processing. A few drops of solidified HistoGel™ allows chemical reagents to penetrate the specimen without allowing the specimen to escape from the gel.

HistoGel’s formulation outperforms other agarose gel mixtures or thromboplastin at a fraction of the cost. HistoGel™ will not retain histological stains, eliminating unwanted discoloration around specimens on slides. HistoGel™ is virtually unnoticeable during sectioning and will not “pop out” of the paraffin block during cutting. Simple Procedure! – A simple five-step procedure provides specimen security and integrity!

  • HEAT 60°C – Heating the HistoGel™ to 60° C converts the gel into a liquid state for easy dispensing. An incubator is available that maintains the gel at a constant liquified temperature of 50° C.
  • DISPENSE – One to five drops of gel are dispensed by pipets on the specimen.
  • COOL 20°C – After dispensing the gel, it converts back into a solid as it cools. This hardening will occur either at room temperature or with the use of the Wonderblock. The Wonderblock cools the gel approximately five times faster.
  • PROCESS – After the “button” has hardened, the specimen is placed in a cassette, or if the “button” was formed in a cassette, the cassette is closed and can be processed along with all other specimens.
  • EMBED – After processing, the “button” is embedded in paraffin and sections are taken. The slides made from the sections will capture all cells originally processed and show the specimen in its most natural state.

HistoGel™ – Each tube contains 10ml of gel, 12 tubes per box

HistoScreen® – Unique mesh-lined cassette securely attaches gel droplet to cassette base for unmatched protection


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