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The BP-110 is a laboratory grade microwave device operating just like a domestic microwave oven that many histologist use every day. It provides up to 1,000 watts of microwave power, the most common power level of domestic microwaves sold today. Since it operates the same as most household microwaves, you should be able to use your existing protocols.

The BP-110 also meets the new CAP checklist for proper ventilation*

The microwave has a powered cavity ventilation system that can be connected into the house air handling system or to an approved stand alone laboratory air handling system.

Applications and users

Hospitals, histology, pathology and cytology labs of any size using a household microwave should upgrade to this microwave. Anyone using a domestic microwave in the laboratory should be aware that OSHA advises that household microwave ovens do not meet the more stringent door seal and endurance tests required for applications outside of the home.* * Suggested uses (per GP-28-A microwave with “minimal control required”) includes drying slides, melting agar, and staining, and other post embedding processes.

  • Compact microwave operates using Time and Power Level just as a domestic microwave
  • 120 volt operations – needs no special wiring
  • 5 power levels plus a hold feature
  • Up to 1,000 watts of microwave power
  • User programmable controller can store 10 time/power protocols
  • Mode stirrer offers good uniform heating with no need for a turntable common to domestic microwaves
  • Cavity fume extraction meets the CAP checklist when properly installed
  • Cavity dimensions 13-7/8″ w x 8 1/8″ h x 14-5/8″ d
  • Outer dimensions  20-1/2″ w x 12-1/8″ h x 16″ d (without handle/vent duct)
  • Stainless steel cavity and wrapper for easy clean up, chemical resistance and long life
  • Fully safety tested, including microwave leakage

* The new CAP (College of American Pathologist) Anatomic Pathology Checklist for its Laboratory Accreditation Program ANP .29430 Microwave devices used outside a fume hood should have an integral fume extractor that is certified for use in a clinical laboratory. The BP-110 has an integral fume extractor that needs to be properly connected to a house air handling system or approved stand-alone laboratory air handling system, commonly available.
* * CLS1 standard GP28-A vol. 25 no. (Section 4 “Precautions and Safety”)

Included Accessories for BP-110

  • 8 feet of chemical resistant exhaust duct
  • 2 stainless steel exhaust duct clamps
  • 12 month warranty on parts and labor

NEW – BP-090 is the economy version of the BP-110. It produces 1000 watts of microwave power and has 5 power levels just like the BP-110, however it has a painted cavity and painted cover in place of the stainless steel on the BP-110.  The door and front of the BP-090 has stainless steel finish for durability.  Please note the BP-090 does not include the exhaust duct or clamps and comes with a 6 month warranty on parts and labor.


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