Slimline Slide Drying Hot Plate


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The Slimline Slide Drying Hot Plate is designed to efficiently dry slides through the use of heated air radiating from a hotplate beneath the slides.  An ultra-fast heating system ensures rapid warm up, and digital controls provide temperature accuracy.  Microscope slides are supported on four movable rails which allow heated air to pass beneath the slides to accelerate drying, while slides sit at a sloped angle to encourage water drain off.  The rails can be removed from the instrument so that slides can be placed directly on the heated surface when required.  An optional stainless steel lid (sold separately) is available which can be used to further reduce drying times and efficiency.

  • Accommodates 28 slides (2 rows of 14)
  • Variable digital temperature control – digital display with 0.5° accuracy
  • Movable rails
  • Anti-microbial powder coat finish
  • Memory function for desired temperature at start-up
  • Integrated circuit breakers
  • Optional drop-on hot plate lid improves heating efficiency and temperature control

Dimensions:  7-1/4″ wide x 17-3/4″ deep x 3-3/8″ high

Weight:  4.4 lbs.

Power: 110V/230V a.c. 50-60Hz

Safety:  Class 1 cut out

Heater Power:  400 watts

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Slimline Slide Drying Hot Plate, Optional Lid Only

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