SPECI-GARD® Specimen Bags with TEARZONE®


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Same easy-to-use , liquid tight, patented Press-and-Close® adhesive closure, but with NEW EZ-Open TearZone® feature.

  • Simply pull away the release liner and press to close (the separate outside pocket holds the requisition slip)
  • The only adhesive closure with no “glove-to-adhesive” contact
  • Once closed, the bag is automatically tamper-evident
  • One-touch safety seal makes it the fastest-closing specimen bag
  • SPECI-GARD® stays closed in pneumatic tube systems
  • Remains closed if air is trapped inside, or if “grabbed” (unlike other bags that “pop open”)
  • Easily torn open at the TearZone®

Two smaller sizes, 6×10 & 10×10, have Destroyable TearZone® Biohazard Symbol that provides the option to dispose unsoiled bag remains in standard waste.



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6" x 10", 1000/case, 10" x 10", 1000/case, 15" x 17", 500/case