Square Antistatic Weighing Dishes


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Made of antistatic polystyrene

  • Resists diluted acids, aqueous solutions, alcohols and bases
  •  Ideal for many applications such as weighing, dispensing or storing
  •  Safe, contaminant-free, biologically inert economical containers for weighing liquid or powdered samples
  • Flat bottom ensures perfect stability on countertops
  • Smooth surface provides accurate pour-outs with minimal sample loss for static-affected samples
  • Can also be used as quick freeze trays for sample material, discard trays for broken ampules, or mixing trays for small batches
  • Will withstand temperatures up to 80 ºC.


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40x40x8mm – 10ml (4000/cs), 78x78x25mm – 100ml (500/cs), 127x127x25mm – 300ml (500/cs)

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