Swingsette™ Tissue & Biopsy Cassettes in QuickLoad™ Taped Stacks

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Swingsette™ tissue cassettes are compatible with most cassette printers such as ThermoFisher, Leica® and Sakura® brand printers.

  • Molded from high density acetal polymer
  • Totally resistant to histological solvents
  • Convenient large tab for easy opening
  • Special hinge allows cassette to be opened and closed as often as necessary
  • Lid can be removed and re-inserted easily without danger of specimen loss
  • Anterior labeling surface is 45° angle
  • Available in 11 colors in slotted or biopsy model

Taped cassette stacks contain 50 stacks of 40 cassettes – 2000 per case

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Tissue Cassettes, Biopsy Cassettes


White, Pink, Green, Yellow, Blue, Peach, Tan, Gray, Lilac, Orange, Aqua