T501 Sample Tubes With External Threads


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Designed for the storage and transportation of biological material.  Manufactured from non-toxic polypropylene, the tube provides strength and clarity and exhibits some unique design features.  The vial has external threads, providing a smooth and uniform inner surface, thus reducing the risk of contamination.

Tubes are supplied without caps and are compatible with the T501 & T502 Screw Caps.  Height of all tubes are with cap.

  • Tubes can be autoclaved (121 °C) in upright position with caps loosened
  • Round bottom tubes can be centrifuged up to 17,000g
  • Sold 1000 per pack (tubes only)


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Non-Graduated, Graduated


1.2ml (12.5 x 43mm), 2ml – Round (12.5 x 48mm), 2ml (12.5 x 49mm), 3ml (12.5 x 72mm), 4ml – Round (12.5 x 75mm), 4ml (12.5 x 76mm), 5ml – Round (12.5 x 92mm), 5ml (12.5 x 93mm)

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