Universal Carousel Pipette Stand


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Pipettes never looked so good, on your bench top!

Hold and store pipettes in style with the new universal carousel pipette stand that holds up to 8 single channel, 4 multi channel, or a combination of both pipettes.  A sleek and modern design enables this stand to securely hold virtually every known brand of pipette in the marketplace making it truely “universal” while adding a pop of color to a bench top.

  • Ideal for labs that do not wish to be tied into a specific brand of pipette, or already have multiple brands in use
  • Weighted base allows for easy removal or replacement of pipettes, with one hand
  • Assorted color options allow for color coding pipette locations – Blue/Green, Purple/Clear, and Assorted/Clear
  • Unit is not autoclavable but can be cleaned with soap/water or common lab disinfectants
  • Made of ABS
  • Inserts on the upper holders can be added or removed to accommodate the fit of different pipette widths

Blue/Green Stand Includes:

  • 8ea. blue lower holders
  • 8ea. blue upper holders
  • 8ea. green upper holders

Purple/Clear Stand Includes:

  • 8ea. clear lower holders
  • 8ea. purple upper holders
  • 8ea. clear upper holders

Assorted/Clear Stand Includes:

  • 8ea. clear lower holders
  • 1ea. of purple, blue, green, gray, red-orange, yellow and clear upper holders



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Blue/Green Universal Carousel Pipette Stand, Purple/Clear Universal Carousel Pipette Stand, Assorted Universal Carousel Pipette Stand