Amplate™ Skirted Thin Wall PCR Plates


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Made of polypropylene

Similar to the T323 Series , these skirted 96-well PCR plates are thin-walled and designed for rapid thermal transfer.  The skirt around the plate provides a bar coding and labeling area, unavailable in other types of plates.  They are precision-molded to ensure well-to-well and plate-to-plate uniformity.  Quite superior to polycarbonate plates and are impermeable to water vapor.

All sealing methods can be used for oil-free operation: domed and flat cap strips (T321 Series), SecureSeal™ Thermal sealing film and foil (T329), and Amplate™ Mat (T329-10 Series).  Suitable to be used with all 96-well shaped cyclers.

  • An alphanumeric grid helps sample identification
  • Corner at H1 of the plate is cut away to facilitate orientation
  • The AMPLATE™ is easy to seal since no cylindrical walls extend above the plate
  • More economical than using single tubes
  • Can be handled by robotic handling equipment
  • Ideal with automated pipetting systems

Packed in tamperproof resealable bags of 10 plates – 100 per case. (Natural color)

*Custom colors (blue, green, red, yellow) available with 10cs minimum purchase.  Call for pricing and availability.

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