Encore™ Microtome Blades


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The right decision when you want precision.

Encore™ microtome blades are manufactured to the highest standards for sharpness, consistency and durability.  A special proprietary process for hardened stainless steel ensures the quality of each finely honed and polished blade to give you a flaw-free edge.

Capable of sectioning tissue for biopsies in ultra-thin sections.  Ultra-thin gauge (.010″) allows a more acute, or steeper, angle which accentuates its sharpness.  Usable 80mm wide cutting surface allows at least one extra rotation for fresh blade area on the same blade.

High Profile
Size: 80 x 14 mm
Quality hardened stainless steel finely honed and polished for a flaw-free edge. Uniform PTFE coating reduces friction, eliminates striations and compression. Requires no break-in period.

Low Profile
Size: 80 x 8 mm
Quality stainless steel with three angled facets for the ultimate blade sharpness. Uniform PTFE coating reduces friction, eliminate striations, and compression. Requires no break-in period.

Packaged 50 blades per dispenser box.

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Low Profile, High Profile

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