T-Sue™ Punch Needles


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T-Sue™ punch needles are used for filling recipient tissue microarray paraffin blocks.

  • A single punch can be used to fill an entire block
  • 5 sizes available, clearly indicated on the handle along with color coded plunger
  • Internal stylet operates like a retractable pen
  • Effortless ejection of core specimens
  • Punches are packed in safe, tamper-evident zip-lock resealable bags

NOTE: The T-Sue™ Punch Needles are not intended for use directly on patients.  For lab/research purposes only.

Packaged 4 per pack.

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1mm Dia. (Magenta), 1.5mm Dia. (Yellow), 2mm Dia. (Red), 3mm Dia. (Pink), 4mm Dia. (Blue)

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