Primera Signature® Unisette™ Tissue Cassettes In Taped Stacks


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Unisette™ tissue cassettes optimized for printing with the Primera Signature® printers and Tissue-Tek® SmartWrite™ automated cassette printers.

Routine cassettes provide efficient flow-through slots to maximize fluid exchange and ensure proper drainage.  One-piece integral lid eliminates the need for separate steel lids.  Snap-latch and hinge-lock design prevent early separation of base and lid.  Compatible with Primera Signature® Cassette Printers.

  • Taped cassette stacks contain 25 stacks of 40 cassettes – 1000 per case
  • Anterior writing angle is at a 35° angle
  • Choose from 11 different color options
  • Made from acetal polymer


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White, Pink, Green, Yellow, Blue, Peach, Tan, Gray, Lilac, Orange, Aqua