Sterile Reagent Reservoirs


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Polystyrene Reagent Reservoirs offer a fresh and modern design with enhanced features to streamline pipetting procedures.

Product Highlights

  • A full range of volumes packed in sterile packs
  • “V” shaped well design allows maximum reagent recovery
  • Easy to read graduation markings located on the top edge with a fill line on inner walls to indicate volume levels
  • Drip free pour-off spouts at every corner for spill free pouring
  • Manufactured in a clean room and certified as RNase/DNase and pyrogen free
  • Designed for multi-channel pipettes and accommodates most common brands
  • A wide base ensures stability and tiered wall design prevents deformation when handling and reduces the chance of spills
  • A unique nesting design allows easy separation that reduces the chance of warped or damaged product
  • Dual reservoir design allows pipetting of two reagents and/or maximizes recovery of small samples
  • Dual reservoir divided – 10ml / 15ml
  • Easy tear packaging makes handling quick and efficient

Additional information


5ml Reservoir (50/pack), 10ml Reservoir (100/pack), 25ml Reservoir (100/pack), 50ml Reservoir (100/pack), 100ml Reservoir (100/pack), 25ml Divided Reservoir (100/pack)


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