DispoCut™ Disposable Dissecting Boards


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DispoCut™ disposable dissecting board is strong enough to reuse, yet inexpensive enough to throw away.

  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Printed on both sides in inches and metric measurements
  • Board is made of copolymer corrugated plastic sheet
  • Perfect for use with dissecting pins
  • Surface will not dull knives
  • Chemically inert; at regular temperatures most oil, solvents, and water have no effect

Sterilization: DispoCut™ may be wiped down with alcohol with no effect on the material. As there are many types of autoclaves on the market, a trial to determine performance in your equipment is recommended. DispoCut™ may be autoclaved in many situations. Ethylene oxide gas sterilization has no effect of any kind on DispoCut™ and may be repeated any number of times.

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6×8 (96/cs), 9×12 (48/cs), 12×19 (24/cs)