LockMailer™ Microscope Slide Jar


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At last a tamper evident multi purpose container for mailing, staining or storing microscope slides.

  • Constructed of extra-strong and clear polypropylene, it will hold up to 4 standard 3 x 1 in. or 75 x 25 mm slides vertically
  • Closure is made of high density polyethylene
  • Inside channels are slotted to keep slides safely separated
  • Perfect for slide conveyors and specimen slide transport between the doctor’s office and the lab.
  • Maximum stability on a bench top while having an internal volume of only 12 ml.

Incorporates a unique tamper evident leak proof screw cap ensuring peace of mind during transport or storage situations where someone might have manipulated your slides without your prior knowledge.  Can also be used without the tamperproof locking mechanism. For color coding purposes, use a Capinsert™ (Series T345) that may be inserted on top of closure. Ten different colors are available.

Dimensions:  1 -3/8″ dia. x 3- 7/16″ high

Packaged 100 per case.

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