Magnetic Induction Stirrer



The Magnetic Induction Stirrer is motor-less, using advanced coil technology that produces the strongest magnetic coupling and has no moving parts making this unit 100% wear-free and maintenance free.

Motor-less Magnetic Stirrer:

The magnetic coil technology works on the inductive principle with alternative current (AC) as its driving force. The generated moving magnetic field drives the spinning of the stir bar in the vessel.

Several advantages come with a motor-less magnetic stirrer versus a traditional magnetic stirrer.

  • Minimal heat is generated after hours of continuous use making this unit ideal for temperature sensitive samples and environments
  • Quiet operation and low vibration helps users stay focused in the lab
  • The magnetic field driving the stir bar maintains continuous constant speeds for reproducible results

With advanced coil technology the strength of the coupling between the unit and stir bar is controlled by the amount of electric current that flows through the coil. The more turns of the wire making up the coil, a stronger magnetic field is produced.  High-quality rare-earth magnets are used in the stirrer design to ensure a strong magnetic coupling with consistent accurate alignment which significantly reduces the chance of spin-outs.

The magnetic induction stirrer is ideal for use in general research, life science, industrial, quality analysis, and clinical laboratory settings.

Precision, literally at the touch of one button!
With just one convenient rotating knob select:

  • Mode: single clockwise, single counter-clockwise, or auto reverse rotation (1 to 99 cycles)
  • Speed: 10 to 2,000 rpm, variable (1 rpm increments)
  • Time: 30 seconds to 60 minutes or continuous (1 second increments)

Once a program has started, the speed, cycle and time can be monitored. The stirring speed can be adjusted while a program is running.

Features and benefits:  

  • Capacity: 3 liters plus
  • An easy to read digital display precisely controls time (30 seconds to 60 minutes) and speed (10 to 2,000 rpm)
  • Rapid acceleration and braking
    (less than 10 seconds) to quickly meet stirring speed requirements
  • Speed remains constant, even when load changes
  • Durable ABS housing is corrosion resistant and easy to clean
  • Two stir bars included (35 mm x 12 mm) have PTFE coating for chemical resistance
  • Safety certified and approved: CE, SGS, RoHS2, WEEE
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Speed Range: 10 to 2,000 rpm variable, 1 rpm increments
  • Time Ranges:  30 seconds to 60 minutes, variable, 1 second increments or continuous
  • Stirrer Mode:  Single clockwise, single c. clockwise, Auto reverse rotation (1 to 99 cycles 50% duty)
  • Capacity:  3 liters plus
  • Mixing Surface:  165 mm diameter, silicone mat 160 mm diameter
  • Weight:1.13 kg (2.50 lb)
  • Power: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 1.0A

Package includes:

  • Magnetic Induction Stirrer
  • 2 Stir bars 35 mm x 12 mm Cylindrical Shape
  • 1 Silicone anti-skid plate cover
  • 1 low voltage, power adapter with 4 interchangeable plugs

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