Stir Bars & Stir Bar Retriever



These magnetic stir bars are made from ALNICO, one of the strongest permanent magnets available.  The sintered manufacturing process reduces the chance of decoupling (spin outs), which weaker stir bars often suffer from.  The low friction octagon shape with center pivot ring helps create a strong mixing vortex, even with more viscous solutions.

  • Encapsulation in PTFE protects both magnet and what is stirring
  • Chemically inert and easy to clean
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 250°C, making them suitable for use with both unheated and heated stirrers
  • The retrieval bar can recover stir bars even in hot solutions when stirring and mixing is no longer required

Stir bars are sold in packs of 10 each.

Retriever bar is sold in packs of 5 each.

Additional information


10 x 5mm, 20 x 8mm, 25 x 8mm, 28 x 8mm, 30 x 8mm, 35 x 9mm, Stir Bar Retriever only

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